Call for Papers


Glossolalia, Yale Divinity School’s peer-reviewed graduate journal, is pleased to announce its call for papers for inclusion in the Spring 2017 edition, on the theme of “Dissent and Disobedience.”

Dissent and disobedience, at their core, are modes of expression and action that seek to disrupt commonly held beliefs and oppose institutions of power.  Though religion is typically imagined as a system founded in conformity to tradition, dissent has been at the foundation of much religious activity across cultures and denominations.  From the martyrs of the Patristic period to the religiously motivated protesters of the #NoDAPL movement, the act of disobedience, individual or collective, often stands at the locus of progress.

Authors are encouraged to discuss themes concerning the relationship between various modes of resistance and religion.  Papers might explore topics as diverse as the Wycliffite Bible translations and the Lollard movement, the actions of faith leaders such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the face of totalitarian regimes, or the portrayal of religious dissenters in contemporary film.  How have deviations from traditional hermeneutics given rise to silenced or marginalized voices?  What are the soteriological implications of the presence of a divine figure who does not allow disobedience; or rather, is disobedience an inherent part of one’s relationship to the divine?  How do queer, feminist, black, and womanist modes of biblical hermeneutics utilize language or action that may be characterized as “disobedient” by pervasive power structures?

We invite papers from all areas of scholarly discourse, ranging from history, literature, and theology, to film studies, gender & sexuality studies, and many more fields, to join us in discussing the theme of dissent and disobedience and its various manifestations across religious traditions. While one of the primary missions of Glossolalia is to provide an academic space for the work of graduate students, submissions from all are welcome, including professional and independent scholars, as well as extraordinary work from undergraduates.

Papers must be 15-25 pages in 12 pt. Garamond font, and styled according to Chicago/Turabian. (More complete formatting instructions can be found at Papers that are formatted incorrectly will not be considered for review. Please submit papers as .doc or .docx documents to by 11:59 PM on March 24, 2017. Please remove all authorial references from text’s body, in order to ensure anonymous peer review.

All inquiries may be addressed to the editor in chief, Alexander D’Alisera, at

We look forward to reviewing all submissions.

Wishing you all the best,

Alexander D’Alisera, Lauren Kane, Chance Bonar
Glossolalia Editorial Board, Yale Divinity School